Press Release: Prosecution of Marty Lewis

Press Release
Prosecution of Marty Lewis

Earlier today (May 9, 2012), a Columbus County Grand Jury indicted Fair Bluff Police Chief Marty
Lewis for various felony offenses,. The most serious of these charges are conspiracy to
traffic in cocaine and conspiracy to traffic prescription narcotics. The Grand Jury
action comes after the completion of a criminal investigation by both the State Bureau of
Investigation and the Columbus County Sheriff's Office. The District Attorney's Office
worked closely with these agencies during the investigatory process and will continue to
seek their counsel during the prosecution of Mr. Lewis.

The indictments allege a series of criminal acts extending over a seven month time
period. The case is now in the court system and it is inappropriate to comment on the
specific facts of the investigation.

The prosecution of a police chief presents some unique challenges. We are mindful of
the effects that this prosecution will have on the law enforcement community and the
cases pending in the criminal justice system. Earlier today, Sheriff Batten and I met with
the town leaders of Fair Bluff to discuss public safety issues related to the disruption of
police services. The Columbus County Sheriff's Office has overlapping and concurrent
law enforcement authority over the town of Fair Bluff. Sheriff Batten has pledged to
increase patrol activity by the Sheriff's Office in the Fair Bluff community until such time
as the patrols are no longer needed. Additionally, we have sought the counsel of Training
and Standards in Raleigh regarding the operation of the department during this period of

The District Attorney's Office will review all pending cases in the system in which Mr.
Lewis is a listed witness. In light of these serious charges, our ability to proceed in these
prosecutions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Anyone who may have additional information about any alleged criminal activity on the
part of Marty Lewis is encouraged to contact the State Bureau of Investigation at (910)