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Headlines of war get worse every day...

It seems that the news out of Iraq gets worse day-by-day. Today, as an example, we hear: continued violence is costing more American lives. Two soldiers died in an explosion in Baghdad, and a marine was killed in Fallujah. At the same time, U-S commanders are warning Iraqi insurgents against using mosques as launching grounds for attacks, threatening to level the structures. Add in, a Jordanian militant linked to Al-qaida has claimed responsibility for this weekend's suicide boat attacks against Iraqi oil terminals. Also, the president of Iraq's governing council says American mistakes led to the military standoff outside two besieged Iraqi cities. He says the biggest mistake was allowing an "army of liberation" to become an "army of occupation." and it is not news that more Americans have died in Iraq since the "official" end of the war than in the war itself. At the time, I thought the president's dramatic announcement that had been achieved, by flying to an aircraft carrier, and unfolding a banner that proclaimed "mission accomplished," was a brilliant stroke of public relations. It now seems to have been at best premature, and at worst simply not true. That bit of bravado may come back to haunt him politically.
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