Try-a-Diet Monday

With the summer season upon us, alot of our viewers are probably looking for the best way to fit into the new swimsuit they just bought, or maybe the old one that feels a bit tighter than it did last season.  With a plethora of new diets available alongside the traditional means of losing weight, many might be wondering which method will work best for them.  WECT, as always, is here to help.

Beginning on April 26th, WECT will be airing Try-a-Diet Monday for 5 consecutive Mondays on News 6 First News at 5 p.m.   Try-a-Diet Monday is a series that investigates several of the more popular diets: Atkins, South Beach, and the traditional exercise and watching what you eat regiment.  We'll be researching the popularity and effectiveness of each diet, looking into the advantages and disadvantages, talking with specialists, and even tracking several people who are trying each diet over the course of the entire 5-week segment.

We'd like for you to participate in this series through our website as well.  Every week on this page there will be a new poll that you can vote in, the results of which will be reported on-air the following Try-a-Diet Monday.  Also, to the right of the poll is a form where you can detail your dietary experiences to us; where a diet worked for you, where it didn't, and if you'd try it again.

At the end of our Try-a-Diet Monday series, we think you'll have a better idea of how to make that swimsuit and your waistline have a smoother relationship this summer.