Money in a Minute: Procter and Gamble or Unilever deals pay off big

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Sometimes the best deals aren't even offered by the stores but in partnerships with the makers of the products.  This happens from time-to-time with drug stores and grocery stores.

Sometimes it just helps to be on the lookout for special offers from companies like Unilever or Procter and GambleUnilever makes products like Hellmann's mayonnaise or Lipton tea.  Procter and Gamble makes brands like Tide and Pampers.

Every now and then there will be a deal from one of those companies, and if you play your cards right, you could save big.  For example, just a few weeks ago, I received a prepaid $10 Visa in the mail just for buying a certain amount of Procter and Gamble products at the grocery store.  I had to buy $30 worth of P&G products, but I could also use my coupons to bring down the total.  At the end of the trip, I was out-of-pocked only about $12.  What a great deal!

The best advice I can give – check the website of the grocery store or pharmacy.  It also doesn't hurt to check one of your favorite coupon blogger's site.  Chances are they'll post it if there's a good deal.

It's a great surprise to get a prepaid Visa in the mail weeks later.  Just about the time you forget about it, you've got some extra lunch money.

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