Too many stray cats and dogs?

I had the TV on this morning while getting ready for work--one of the all-news channels.

They were talking about pet adoption and the young woman being interviewed made the startling assertion that there were 11 billion dogs in shelters across the country, literally begging to be adopted.

She must have meant million, because "billion" would mean there are almost twice as many "pound puppies" in America as there are human beings on the entire planet! but, at "only" eleven million, the problem is immense--just rounding up strays, and housing and feeding them is not cheap.

And that doesn't include pets that people can no longer keep, and tearfully leave at the shelter. Although there are no-kill shelters, in many cases, winding up in a public shelter--especially older dogs or ugly ones--is tantamount to a rapid death sentence.

And North Carolina "puts to sleep" twice as many dogs and cats as any other state. Cats tolerate people, but dogs worship people, and even ugly dogs display that doting affection and willing obedience to their masters.

It's a shame so many of them go to an premature grave. The New Hanover County Animal Control has to deal with that. Once, getting a dog from a pound was a shot in the dark. Not any more. You pay a fee, and that fee includes all the necessary shots, and spaying or neutering.

They're going to have an adoption fair the 1st and 2nd of may.

Think you might want a companion?