Fire crews battle brush fire in Wilmington

Two giant brush fires on Shipyard Boulevard kept fire crews busy for hours Sunday and gave area residents and onlookers a scare.

Flames reached above the tree tops and blanketed Shipyard Boulevard between Independence and Seventeenth Streets with thick, black smoke. The forestry service spent hours flying their helicopter overhead and dumping water on the hotspots.

Fire officials say the fire broke out around three o'clock and was started by homeless people having a campfire in the woods on the North side of Independence Boulevard. One person is being questioned by authorities.

The strong wind and very dry air caused the flames to quickly spread across six acres. The flames jumped across the street, causing another brush fire on the East side of Shipyard.

Firefighters battled the two blazes for more than three hours. It is now under control but is being monitored closely. There were no injuries or evacuations but Shipyard was closed to traffic between Seventeenth and Independence until about 8 p.m.###