CHAT at 6:30: Case of mistaken identity: Bail bondsman shoots at wrong guy!

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) – We're talking about the big news of the day and the big talkers.  Today we're following a terrible case of mistaken identity.

One man in Tabor City found a bail bondsman knocking on his door.  The bail bondsman even started shooting at him!

We'll tell you what's next in the investigation.  In the meantime, what's the worst case of mistaken identity you've had?

We hope you join us for the chat at 6:30!

*The chat is a livestream of a behind-the-scenes look at the newscast.  It gives you an opportunity to ask questions about big stories, ask random questions and see the newsteam in a more candid light.  It's meant to be upbeat and fun, and hate speech is not tolerated.

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