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My Turn: US government needs to clean up its act before passing judgement

Those living in glass houses should not throw stones.  It's a good piece of advice, and it's something Americans need to consider. 

I find it interesting how we look down our noses and snicker at the North Koreans' failed missile launch last week.  On the one hand, we find their embarrassment funny, but at the same time we're concerned because North Korea still remains a threat.

But what do we look like right now on the world stage? 

Secret Service officers are accused of partying and bringing prostitutes to hotel rooms in Columbia.  And the one that really gets me is the General Services Administration foolishly spending nearly a million dollars on a lavish conference in Las Vegas.  These are the people who should be setting the standard for being frugal in this era of belt tightening.

Before we start making fun of others, our federal government needs to clean up its own act and start acting like a world leader.  It appears we're giving North Korea a run for their money in the bozo category. 

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