About the WECT.com Video Player and Its Features


To learn more about the Video Player's features, click on the numbers below to take you directly to information about the feature.



1. Video

This video area displays commercials and videos you have selected to view from the site. Stopping the video will display an image in this area. 

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2. Player Controls

Full Screen

To display the video in full screen, click on the Full Screen button. When the video is in full screen mode, pressing the Escape (ESC) key will return you to the player window.  The first time you select this option a box will appear that notes: "You have selected to view this video at full screen.  When you are finished, hit the ESC key to return to the player."  You must select OK and may also select the "Do not display this message again" checkbox to prevent the message from appearing in the future when you choose the Full Screen option.

Streaming status

Loading/Elapsed time

While the video loads, this area will track the buffering status. When enough of the video has been loaded for the clip to stream, elapsed time will be displayed in this area and the video will being to play.


These buttons allow you to Play or Pause the current video. Click on the pause button to pause the video. When the pause button is clicked, the play button image will appear in its place. Click on the play button after a pause to resume the video.


Click on the stop button to stop the video.


Click on the vertical bars or the left and right arrows to reduce or increase the volume. You may need to adjust your speaker volume or the system tray volume to find the best settings.


Clicking on the mute button will turn off your sound. Click it again will turn the sound back on.

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3. Interactive Panel

The Interactive Panel contains information related to the video you are watching. When you click on any of the toolbar icons, such as INFO, EMAIL VIDEO, PLAYLIST or HELP, the panel will refresh with your selection. See below for more details on each of the features mentioned.

Video Information

This area contains a summary and the name of the video currently playing.

Email to a Friend

You can email a link to this video to a friend. To send an email that contains a link to the streaming video, click on the EMAIL VIDEO icon in the Interactive Panel toolbar and complete the form.  If you want to send the video to more than one email address, use a semicolon (;) to separate the email addresses. Once you have completed the form, click on the SEND button to send the email. If you do not wish to send the email, click on the CANCEL button.

Closed Captioning

If closed captioning is available for the video playing, the CC icon will appear.  By clicking the icon when it appears in the Interactive Panel toolbar, you can view the closed captioning. 

Interactive Form

The MORE icon will blink in the Interactive Panel toolbar if there is an interactive form associated with the video, or advertisement playing.  Click on the blinking icon to view and complete the form. Once you have completed the form, click on the SEND button to send the email. If you do not wish to send the email, click on the CANCEL button.


The Player features a PLAYLIST option that allows you to select multiple videos to automatically play in succession unless you stop the video or select a different video.

Playlist navigation

Uses the Playlist buttons above the playlist to manage the clips in your Playlist. To play a clip in your playlist immediately, select the title and click Play or double-click on the video itself.


If you would like information about the Video Player, you can click the Help icon in the Interactive Panel toolbar. The HELP panel explains that to view video on this site, you need Windows Media Player 7 or higher (with a link to download if you do not have it). The panel also has links to this page, About this player and its features, and Troubleshooting tips.  The Troubleshooting tips will automatically open if your system's configuration is not compatible with this player.

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4. Video Search

To find videos, enter the text you would like to search by in the text field and click the GO button.  This will search the titles, summaries and close captioning of all available videos and display the ones that match your search in the Featured Videos below. Scroll through this list and select any video to play by clicking the title or the graphic, or clicking the "+" button to add the video to your Playlist.

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5. Featured Videos

Additional featured clips will appear within the "Featured Videos" section.  You can add these videos to your playlist   by clicking on the "+" button next to the clip. Or you can click on the video title or associated graphic to begin viewing the video immediately.

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6. Scrolling Text

There may be a scrolling text that displays under the video alerting you to information available on the site. Most of the time, you can click on the text to open a page in your browser behind the player with more information.

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7. Weather

The player has the ability to display weather current condition and high/low temperatures.  This feature may not always be enabled, however, if available, click on the forecast link to display more weather information in the browser behind the player.

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