"Eastbound and Down" truck goes on sale for $15,000

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A piece of memorabilia from the HBO series, Eastbound and Down is on sale right here in Wilmington.

Kenny Powers' truck from season three is on sale.  The actual owner of the flamed-out truck worked on the set of the show for all three seasons, but now he's ready to get rid of his ride.  He's asking for a cool $15,000 for his 2005 Dodge Ram.  The truck has more than 120,000 miles on it, but since it's been on Eastbound and Down, the owner doesn't think he will have trouble selling it.

"After the upgrade it's had on it, after Kenny's had it, I figured I would throw it out there, " said Justin Masters, the truck's owner.  Someone who's a big fan of the show can inherit it, and enjoy it for time to come."

The truck is currently on Craigslist.  You can also call the owner directly at (910) 619-2718.

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