8 arrested in heroin ring bust

Today, detectives arrested eight people after they busted a heroin trafficking ring in our area. One of the suspects involved is facing murder charges, and two others had a one-year-old baby with them.

The City of Wilmington may have an extra fee to consider in its annexation of Monkey Junction.

If you spend a lot of time outside, you've probably really been enjoying the warm weather lately. But that also means it's about that time of year for lots of mosquitoes to start buzzing around. WECT's Craig Reck will have more tonight on how new regulations could actually add to the number of pesky insects.

It's an ongoing debate in the Port City -- how much window space should businesses be able to use for signs? Last night, the city's planning board made a recommendation on the issue that came as a surprise to some.

Hope you'll join us tonight starting at 5:00. We'll have more on a controversy over students suspended for what they tweeted; a shooting in Tabor City; why the competition at a basketball game tonight is expected to be pretty fierce and much more.

-Frances Weller