Fox Wilmington and local couponers donate $450 worth of goods to domestic violence shelter

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) -   Every week we show you how to save money with a few coupons and now we want to show you how it could make a difference in your neighborhood.

We've been collecting items for weeks now.  Every time we show you the best deals of the week during Fox Wilmington News at 6:30 and at 10, we save a majority of the items into our stockpile.  Now we're ready to put it to good use.  With the help of some local coupon bloggers, we just dropped off about $450 worth of food and products to the Domestic Violence Shelter in Wilmington.

"We so appreciate it because the flow of families who are in crisis has not decreased," said Diane Lomax, the Director of Operations and Development at the Domestic Violence Shelter in Wilmington.  "I think that's the great tie in with what people can do with coupons and how that benefits all of us."

Lomax said the shelter reaches people from all socio-economic levels and every ethnicity.  The shelter serves anyone who dealing with a crisis with family violence.  Many of the clients they see do not live in the shelter but need resources.

Lomax said she's grateful for any donation to the shelter, but one under-donated item would be linens.  She said the shelter tenants and the clients could use white towels and single sheets.  The shelter chooses white because that color is the easiest to clean.  Still, the shelter will happily take in any donation.

We pulled about $325 worth of items from our own stockpile, but thanks to generous donations from the owners of the blogs The Frugal Beach Bum, I Got It Free with Coupons and Smith's Savings, we were able to donate much needed items, like feminine products and toiletries.

We will continue to rotate through charities and showcase them on our news when we have an abundance of items available in our stockpile.  If you'd like to request donations, send your message to Michelle Li.

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