N. Riverfront Project progress

Land Developer Charles Schoninger says phase 1 of his North Riverfront project is moving ahead on schedule. Phase 1 calls for the development of a marina that broke ground earlier this year, as well as a Hotel Indigo. Schoninger says he hopes the marina will be finished at the end of 2012, or as a worst case scenario, March of 2013.

Schoninger said it is hard to put a specific time table on the marina project because they have run into some difficulties on the project. Specifically while digging to install the marina wall, they have found logs as old as 200 years beneath the ground which has slowed them down.

Plans to build a Hotel Indigo adjacent to the site are also moving ahead, Schoninger hopes to break ground by the end of the year. The hotel has plans for a 9th floor restaurant and pool area while also incorporating local art work in each room of the hotel.

Phase 1 of the project also calls for up to three additional restaurants to be built in the development. Schoninger has traveled to Charlotte and Charleston to try to attract some of the larger restaurant groups to the project.

Schoninger says that Phase 1 is on track to be completed by the end of 2013.