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MTYT: Purchasing a website domain name of an opposing candidate

Politics can bring out the best and the worst in us.  After years of observing all the political craziness, I'm not surprised by too many things.  But, a recent incident involving a couple local candidates got my attention.  And it just makes me wonder if I've finally seen it all.

The wife of a local county commission candidate purchased a website name of a school board member who is running for re-election.  At this point, the new owner of the site isn't directing that site to anything illicit or negative.  Who knows if they ever will. 

This may be legal, but I think it is wrong on many levels.   

Supporters of this tactic will argue how this is their right and they'll also say this is the spouse of the county commission candidate - not the candidate.

Save me arguments.  That doesn't make it right in my book.

Here's my concern.  These people want our votes.  Yet if they're going to pull such moves as buying someone else's website so the person that actually matches the name can't have it, I wonder if they're really mature enough to hold any elected office.

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