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MTYT: Welcoming Vietnam War vets home

It's long overdue, but this week veterans of the Vietnam War will be welcomed home.  It's the welcome they never got some 40 years ago. 

The idea of a homecoming celebration so many years later might sound odd. But that probably means you're too young to remember what it was like back then.  There were no ticker-tape parades. Most of these soldiers were ignored.  Some were ridiculed, and sadly, some were even spit on.

The idea for this celebration started with Senator Richard Burr.  And with the support and hard work of the USO-North Carolina, Charlotte Motor Speedway and the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters it's finally going to happen this weekend.

The plan is to honor tens of thousands of Vietnam Veterans at the Charlotte Motor Speedway with a full day of activities including concerts from legends Charlie Daniels and George Clinton.  There will also be a live broadcast at 3:00 Saturday afternoon that will be broadcasted on most North Carolina television and radio stations, including WECT.

Those soldiers risked their lives in service to America and the citizenry turned its back on them when they came home.  Saturday's celebration won't be nearly enough to right the wrongs, but it's an olive branch that can go a long way toward healing old wounds.

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