Navy re-opens case of missing marine

The massive search for Lance Corporal Stanley Bowsley took two days, dozens of marines, and nearly everyone Pender County authorities could spare.

They found Bowsley's car abandoned in a clearing north of Hampstead, but not Bowsley. The case was closed, and investigators determined he faked his own death to avoid a second tour in Iraq.

But now, Navy investigators are not so sure that's what happened. After three months, no one has so much as seen or heard from Bowsley--even his family and closest friends. Navy investigators say it's possible Bowsley's body could still be hidden somewhere among the miles of swampland and woods. Pender County authorities insist the search was more than thorough.

News Six has learned naval investigators are also exploring the remote possibility someone could have harmed Bowsley. They're urging any possible witnesses to come forward, to help them solve a disappearance that is still very much a mystery.

If you have any information regarding this case please can contact the Naval Criminal Investigative Service at 910-451-8071.