Message from Chancellor Gary L. Miller regarding university salaries

UNCW is a highly effective and efficient public university that offers competitive salaries to our faculty and staff.  The quality of the education we provide our students depends on hiring and retaining a highly qualified workforce.  Employee salaries are determined by various factors based on the market for the specific profession and guidelines provided to us through the UNC system general administration, the UNC Board of Governors, Office of State Personnel and the North Carolina General Assembly.  For employees at the higher levels of compensation, where we seek a strong combination of expertise and experience in specialized fields, UNCW must compete in a national market. Recruitment and retention of these highly qualified professionals is dependent on being able to offer competitive salaries.

Nearly 2,000 university employees provide a myriad of services for our students including teaching, research, advising, academic support, housing, counseling, facilities operations, athletics, community outreach and much more.  Our faculty and staff provide nationally recognized educational experiences and services for more than 13,000 students and have done so with great pride and dedication, especially during the past four difficult years in which salaries have remained stagnant and workloads have increased as budget cuts have cut staffing at all levels of the organization.  UNCW faculty and staff also continue to provide extraordinary levels of service to the Wilmington community.   I am extremely proud to serve with this outstanding faculty and staff.