Fire dept. suspects substance found at store is furniture cleaner

Workers at a store in Wilmington were a little worried today. Officials with the US Department of Homeland Security and the local fire department, along with hazardous material responders, were called to New River Pottery to investigate a substance that came with a shipment from Indonesia.

Detectives have arrested an assistant coach at Hoggard High School and charged him with assault. Joseph Clinton Brown, Jr. faces five counts of simple assault and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who was charged with corruption, left for Colorado this morning. That's where he will serve a 14-year sentence in federal prison.

You might remember that several deputies were called to an area high school last week after school officials heard there would be a disturbance. Nothing happened, but the sheriff's office said there was a Facebook page made saying something was going to happen during lunch that day that would "make the news." Now, following that incident, a juvenile has been taken into custody.

I'll hope you'll join us tonight starting at 5:00! We'll have more on a protest in light of commissioners' recent controversial decision; why two groups of local firefighters are clashing; an upcoming film in the area and much more.

-Frances Weller