Welcome Verizon...

The announcement that Wilmington would be the new home for Verizon wireless couldn't have come at a better time.

Like many areas, the Port City was feeling the pinch on the economic nerve.

But the new company, with its thousand or so well-paying jobs, will go a long way toward soothing that hurt. And it's got to make you feel good, being chosen by that top-ten company from a selection that included the entire country.

Verizon could have gone in any direction--there are the financial centers of the Northeast; and the new-found attractions of the desert Southwest.

There is the trendy Pacific Northwest, and the tropically flavored aura of Florida. But, no, Verizon chose Wilmington.

They cited the quality of life, and the availability of an educated workforce. Obviously, they didn't drive in friday afternoon traffic on South College Road and Oleander Drive. But, they'll get used to it.

Of course, the city and New Hanover County Governments sweetened the pot a little with the inducement of over a million dollars. That'll buy a lot of sugar.

But, with more than a thousand people making an average of more than 50-thousand dollars a year, and paying taxes right and left, that more-than-a-million will have multiplied itself many times over.

We will have pulled ourselves up from the morass of a stagnant economy by the best method we could--by investing in the future. And the future is now.