Bill that would deport illegal immigrants who drive drunk being reconsidered

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Lawmakers are reconsidering a bill that would crack down on illegal immigrants who drive drunk.

The bill was named for Scott Gardner, a father who was killed on Highway 130 in Brunswick County over seven years ago. He was with his family, on their way to Sunset Beach, when a drunk driver crashed into Gardner's car.

His kids weren't seriously injured in the crash, but his wife, Tina Gardner, still remains in a vegetative state.

The drunk driver who hit them was an illegal immigrant, who had several prior DWIs on his record. Ramiro Gallegos was charged with second degree murder and DWI.

Representatives Sue Myrick and Mike McIntyre re-introduced the Scott Gardner Act in Congress this week. If passed, it would immediately deport illegal immigrants who are busted for drunk driving.

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