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MTYT: New school calendar in Pender County

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Whether you have children in school or not, it seems like most people have opinions on the school calendar. It's one of those timetables developed in an era long ago that needs updating.

To many the answer is the year round format, but the lobby against that is strong. There are plenty of arguments for summer vacation and the possibility for older students to get summer jobs and make money.

So, it's not surprising there's a bit of debate taking place this week in Pender County. The news is spreading that high schools in Pender County will start three weeks earlier than other schools next year - right in the middle of tourism season in a tourism-heavy county.

Some businesses are concerned about the potential loss of their labor pool. Students and parents are also expressing concern. And I tend to agree with them, but not because the school year is starting earlier. My main concern is what it does to the families that have students on those different calendars within the same school system.

My suspicion is the school system is moving toward a year-round format, and that's okay. My advice? Just do it! If you're going to rip off that Band-Aid a little at a time, you're only asking for more pain and suffering along the way.

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