Statement from the company who operates the Cape Fear Rested Home

Wilmington, NC (March 1, 2012) – Staff and Management at RHA Health Services are saddened to report that a minor aged resident of RHA's Wilmington respite home died tragically Wednesday morning after suffering an apparent seizure on a school bus that was taking her to Rachel Freeman School. 

As with all children who ride school buses, no adults other than school personnel, are allowed onto the bus. RHA Health Services is conducting its own internal investigation and providing state agencies and law enforcement with information as requested.

RHA Health Services provides a variety of services for adults and children with Intellectual and developmental disabilities and needs for supported living in North Carolina. 

RHA Health Services is committed to serving people with special needs and is accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership.  In addition to extensive training and background checks, all employees of RHA Health Services are required to follow a strict code of conduct and comply with a formal Corporate Compliance Program.

"Employees of RHA Health Services meet and exceed guidelines as dictated by the company's Code of Conduct.  We approach everything we do with integrity and respect for the individuals we support," said Gordon J. Simmons, CEO, RHA Health Services.