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MTYT: What's behind the Seneca Guns situation?

Forget the ballpark and the rising rates of the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority.  I'll even set aside my campaign against aggressive drivers!

The single biggest issue that needs to be resolved right now is this Seneca Guns situation.

It happened again Tuesday, and every time it does, we get flooded with calls at the station.

No one has really adequately explained this situation yet.  Last year, our own Colin Hackman investigated it and the best explanation he could get…it's either military or seismic activity. But the military won't confirm anything, and this area doesn't have the seismometers to gauge that type of thing.

That equipment would cost about $20,000 and no one has put up the money for it yet.

So, how about this? Let's spend that money anyway and figure out the Seneca Guns mystery. Then if there's any money left over, let's build the ballpark; build the Skyway Bridge; start football at UNCW; and provide everybody with free water and wind and hail insurance.

That should be enough to create a rumble loud enough to put the Seneca Guns to shame.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

The metalic type sounds are the gyro-cosmic relativators, which are key components of the engine's core that powers the intra-galactic spaceships of the 9ft tall, shape shifting reptillian lizards. That device is integral to their cloaking systems, which in the vacuum of space, sound isn't an issue. The sound reverberates between the stratosphere & boundry layers of temperature differences in the upper atmosphere. These tones are becoming more prevalent & will become humanely intollerable.


Thank goodness…someone who wants to know more about these occurances in our area of the world...

Wouldn't it be wonderful for our leaders to want us all to know more, take on the responsibility to digging in and finding out????

I even suggested to the Port Pilot a group of citizens volunteering as "spotters" reporters to work as a team to help the news folks report to all of us living here. We could be the Senneca Gun Patrol…what a hoot that would be…I'm just saying I personally would like to know why these happen, what makes them, and provide factual reports when they occur, instead of everyone ignoring them….This stuff is cool, let's get excited and do something. Our world is a strange and wonderful place so lets' explore it together.


You hit the perverbial(sp?) nail on the head

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