Response teams practice drills for potential brush fires

Smoke from the Holly Shelter Gameland fire in 2011.
Smoke from the Holly Shelter Gameland fire in 2011.

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Response teams in Pender County will practice some emergency drills together, instead of separately, to prepare for brush fires.

A fire in the Holly Shelter Gameland last summer called for helping hands across the country. Now, emergency response teams are making sure they are ready when it's go time.

According to Pender Fire Marshal Charles Newman, practicing the drills together will make things easier because response teams will be working with familiar faces.

"When the event happens it helps us to understand what each other can do, what our capabilities are and what kind of resources and assets we can bring to the table," explained Newman.

Several agencies in Pender County have teamed up to form an exercise design committee which will be in charge of setting up the drills.

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