The Cheesy Banker brings freshly cooked food to you

McKaughan got into the food truck business after working as a banker for 27 years at Wachovia.
McKaughan got into the food truck business after working as a banker for 27 years at Wachovia.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Anyone who watches food channels on television or has been to a big city knows about food trucks.

A food truck is a fully functioning restaurant, complete with a grill, fryer, and chef- but its completely mobile.

That gives them the opportunity to go to different venues and cater to people all over town.

That's owner Carter McKaughan's favorite part of the job.

"I love meeting new people every day, it's definitely one of the perks," said McKaughan.

McKaughan says, compared to the start up cost of a typical restaurant, the cost of starting a food truck is low.

He got into the food truck business after working as a banker for 27 years at Wachovia.

After weeks of research, he found a truck in Florida and got to work creating The Cheesy Banker.

The biggest advantage of the business, says McKaughan, is the fact that he has wheels.

"If we pick a location and think gee, we ought to really do well here, just like if you bought a restaurant and thought we might really do well here, if we guess wrong, its not that big a deal. But if you build a restaurant and you guess wrong, you've got a problem."

The wheels let McKaughan advertise and introduce his business all over town.

"We can take our restaurant to any event. We are going to do the Hammerheads games this year, and any festival, like the Azalea Festival, it's our entire restaurant on wheels, other restaurants don't have that advantage."

Plus, McKaughan says a food truck is a great option for those who like a freshly cooked meal without the long wait of a typical restaurant.

"It's convenient. People at a work place who have 30 or 40 minutes for lunch, we are sitting there in their parking lot they can run down and get a great Philly cheese steak or a burger and run back into the office and not go anywhere. "

Irving Vasquez is the chef who does the majority of the cooking. He knows what customers enjoy best and can change the menu depending on who they are serving.

Some of the best sellers are:

The ultimate comfort food. A classic grilled cheese sandwich on Texas Toast with melted cheddar. Make any additions that you choose from the Banker sides. (Grab some napkins!)

The Banker has cleaned out the vault! The classic grilled cheese, with Mac & Cheese, Slow Roasted Boston Butt **, Bar B Q sauce, and caramelized onions. I see a nap coming on!

Classic grilled hoagie - baked fresh by banker's baker - lightly brushed with Olive Oil and grilled to perfection, stuffed with shaved USDA Choice Steak or our special Chicken topped with Provolone, caramelized Mushrooms, Peppers and Onions.

To contact The Cheesy Banker, visit their website.

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