Michelle's Markdowns: Free or cheap lip gloss, Tylenol patches, yogurt and more

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) –  There are quite a few good deals this week as always.  You can find a few things for free or next to nothing, including yogurt, lip balm, toothpaste and Tylenol patches.

There are a few freebies this week.  Thanks to Delly's Deals, we found a Tylenol Precise product for free at Walgreens.  The Precise heating pads normally cost $7.99 but they're on sale for $5 right now.  If you use the $5 off coupon from last Sunday's paper, you'll get it for free.  This deal will last until the weekend.

Also, Cilla Saving in Wilmington let us know about a Yo Crunch yogurt at Lowes Foods.  If you use the .29-cent coupon from February 5th's newspaper, you'll get it for about .02-cents!  We bought it Harris Teeter for .12-cents, but we're not complaining.

The Krazy Coupon Lady is also showing some free Welch's Fizz juice at Target!

Here's what we bought from Harris Teeter.  We saved about 65-percent when you count the savings our raincheck will save us.  We couldn't find Nivea lipgloss but since we got a raincheck, we'll be able to get our own deal when the shelves are restocked!  We ended up spending about $29 for $115 worth of items.

Various Campbell Healthy Select soups, reg. 1.75 each, on sale for 1.00 (bought 3, used 1 coupon).  I had a .40-cent off coupon for 3 cans.   (3.00 -.40 coupon -.40 doubles = 2.20/ 3 = .73-cents each)

  • Campbell's Soup at Hand soups, reg. 1.95 each, on sale for 1.00 each.  (bought 4, used two coupons).  I had 2  coupons for .50-cent off two.  (4.00 - .50 coupon – .50 double – .50 coupon - .50 double = .50 – cents each)
  • Bumblebee Tuna, reg. 1.59, on sale 1.19.  (bought 2, had two coupons) I had a two coupons for .50 –cents off that DID NOT double.  (1.19-.50 = .69 each)
  • SeaPak frozen seafood, reg. 8.99, on sale for 4.50.  (bought 4, used 4 coupons)  I had four coupons for .75-cents off.  (4.50-.75-coupon -.75 double = 3.00 each)
  • Sargento cheese, reg. 3.69, on sale 2.50 (bought 2, used one coupon)  I had one for .50-cents off two.  (5.00 - .50 coupon - .50 double = 4.00 /2 = 2.00 each)
  • Yo Crunch yogurt, reg. 70-cents.  (bought 3, used 3 coupons) (.70 - .29 coupon - .29 double = .12 –cents each)
  • Nivea lip balm, reg. 2.99 on sale 1.50 (sold out but got a raincheck for 4 – had two coupons for 3.00 off 2) (6.00 – 3.00 coupon – 3.00 coupon = FREE)

We're sharing deals with the truest intentions.  If you notice an error, please let us know.  Also, if you find a great deal, share it with us!  Also, if you want to save but don't want to get up early for a Sunday paper, follow Michelle.  She gives one a way every week.  It doesn't matter where you live!

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