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MTYT: Fighting against bullies

Mullins said her son just couldn't take the bullying anymore and that's when the fight started at the school bus stop off North 30th Street. Mullins said her son just couldn't take the bullying anymore and that's when the fight started at the school bus stop off North 30th Street.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Two boys fought on the streets of Wilmington, and it was all captured on video and posted on YouTube.

That's not so shocking.  But what made it different is the mother of one of the boys encouraging her son to fight.

The mother, Quanesha Mullins, got arrested over this.  She told us she knows what she did was wrong.  She was just fed up because she says her son was the victim of bullying.

Bullying has been around forever.  I'm not sure if we're more sensitive about it these days, but it seems to me like the problem is getting worse.

I don't know the answer, but I can sympathize with this mother.  My dad said never to start a fight.  But he also didn't want to hear of me backing down from defending myself.  His theory was the pain and consequences from being labeled a coward and becoming an easy target for bullies would be much worse than a couple bruises and a black eye.   

Enough is enough.  An event like this mother's stand against bullying in local schools at least raises the level of awareness. 

But so much more needs to be done.  If you have school age children, talk with them.  Really try to find out if they're being bullied or maybe even bullying someone else. Nip this in the bud at home and maybe mothers like Quanesha won't find themselves in a hopeless situation.   

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I read your comments today on bullying. I am the mother of a child who was a victim of bullying in school this year. Unfortunately, bullying has been and will always be a part of our society and is extremely prevalent in our schools.

It takes a lot of self confidence for our children to stand up to the bullies and when they do we the parents and school administrators need to support our children. Our school administrators tell us, and our children, that bullying is not to be tolerated and should be reported immediately - but are they really doing everything they can do to deal with it? If you were to ask the two mothers who were recently charged I am sure they would say "no". If you asked their children, they would probably say "no" too. I do not concur however, that dealing with bullying with violence is the answer.

When our child was assaulted and reported it to the School Counselor and School Resource Officer we were immediately contacted by the school. We were asked if we wanted to press charges. We were made aware that this individual already had a disciplinary record at the school for having bullied other students but no charges had been made. So, as uncomfortable a situation as it was for our child, and for the other children who were brave enough to speak up as witnesses to what happened, we pressed charges as it was the right thing to do. The school did their part and suspended the individual.

We did go to court and while the outcome and sentence that was given to this individual was not as serious as we would have liked, we understand that all juveniles must be given a chance to redeem themselves. Our hopes are that by our taking the time to hold this individual accountable for their actions, that their punishment and continued surveillance by law enforcement will make them think twice about doing it again. It's a shame that our juvenile justice system has as many cases as they do similar to this and of much more gravity.

If you do not want your child to be a victim, then teach them the self confidence to stand up for themselves. Get involved with your child and talk to them about their life at school and in their other activities. Know who they are hanging out with and pay attention to their moods. Sometimes, no matter how good your kid is or how hard they try to steer clear, the bullies will pick on them.  If the worst happens, contact the school administration and if necessary file charges. Follow through on those charges with the legal system. It takes time and effort and can be uncomfortable. However, if we don't stand up the to bullies and hold them accountable then they will not learn the error of their ways. Press the school teachers and administrators to live up to their policies and protect our children and punish those who are responsible for the poor behavior.

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