Blackened Trigger

Blackened Trigger

Recipe by:

Chef Barry Phillips from the Lucky Fisherman Restaurant


8 oz. Trigger Steak (or favorite fish)

Melted Butter

1 tbl chopped oregano

1 tbl paprika

1/2 tbl ground red pepper

3/4 tablespoon thyme

3/4 tbl black pepper

3/4 tbl white pepper

Mix Oregano. paprika, red pepper, thyme, black pepper and white pepper to form Blackening Seasoning.

Heat Cast Iron skillet until very hot. Sprinkle with a good coating of blackened seasoning on each side of the fish. Now lightly spray the fillet with pan coating. Pour a tbl. of melted butter in the center of the skillet. Place trigger steak in the skillet and cook fish on each side until done. Expect a lot of smoke when blackening fish.