Michelle's Money in a Minute: Fuel rewards programs are easy money

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – If you're not in a fuel rewards program, then you're throwing away money at the gas pump.

If you think about it, we take great lengths to save money at the pump.  Sometimes people drive all the way across town to save 5-cents.  But there is a much easier way to save.

If you're not in a fuel rewards program, then you need to be.  Sometimes stores will reward you just for doing the things you'd normally do.

For example, one store with a great rewards program is Lowes Foods.  The grocery store will give you 5-cents off each gallon of gas once you spend $100.  You get another 5-cents once you spend another $100.

Maybe you're thinking you don't need that many groceries.  Well, that's the best thing.  You can double dip with this program.  Most gift cards will also count as a qualifying purchase towards the rewards program.  You can even purchase gas cards towards your gas discount.

The discount at Lowes Foods is time sensitive and resets once you buy a tank of gas at Wilco Hess gas stations.

Lowes Foods isn't the only company offering a fuel rewards program.  Also check out Kroger, Winn Dixie, Bi Lo, and Save Mart Supermarkets.  They are just a few companies that have pump-saving programs.

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