Michelle's Markdowns: 75-percent off of Tide, Febreze, Cascade and more

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) - Recently there have been deals on top of deals, and one is the Proctor and Gamble deal at Harris Teeter.

The promo boils down to this - if you buy $30 worth of qualifying Proctor and Gamble products (P&G), then you'll get a $10 pre-paid card from the group Keeping Military Families Connected.

The greatest thing is that could easily pay less than $10 for the lot with coupons and e-vic coupons from Harris Teeter.  E-vic coupons are different from your VIC card.  So, if you haven't signed up for e-vic coupons, do it on the HT website.

Here are some examples:

Cascade packs normally cost $5.65.  It's on sale for $4.49.  There's a coupon from last Sunday's paper for $.50-cents off.  It doubles.  So, you get the Cascade for $3.49.

The same goes for Tide.  It normally costs $8.49, but it's on sale for $6.99.  You can use a $.50-cent coupon from the Sunday paper that also doubles.  That makes it $5.99.

Febreze Set and Refresh packs regularly cost $3.49 but are on sale for $2.99.  I had a coupon for $1 off and there's an e-vic coupon for another $1 off.  That makes it $.99-cents OOP (out of pocket.)

**The bottom line is that once you get to $30 before coupons, (but after the sale price-- meaning you count the $4.49 price of Cascade, for example, you'll get the $10 card.  NOTE:  It will print out as you pay for the items.

This is one of those deals that I'm not entirely thrilled about because I have to pay the money up front.  BUT, in reality, I know I'll need all these items, so I don't mind spending $12 for $46.19 worth of stuff.  Smart shoppers I know, like Amanda from The Frugal Beach Bum Blog, shopped smarter than me and only ended up paying about $8 or $9 for her stash.  I think I bought an extra P & G product than her.  It kind of reminds me of algebra to find the right P&G formula!


Some other great deals this week include:

FREE Nature Fusion at Harris Teeter: (Normally $8.29, On sale $5.99, Coupon $3.00, evic     $3.00 = FREE)

$.49-cents for Furmano's Tomatoes, Crushed or Diced or Puree:  (Normally $1.99, On sale B1G1 (.99), coupon $.50 off for 2, it doubles $.50 = $.49-cents each)

$.99 Febreze Set and Refresh:  (Normally $3.49, on sale $2.99, coupon $1.00, evic $1.00 = .99-cents total)

$.25-cents Sweet and Low: (Normally $2.50, on sale $1.25, coupon $.50, doubles $.50 = $.25)

If you live in Wilmington, the Mayfaire Harris Teeter has a deal on the AirWick Freshmatic Odor Detect:  (Normally $14.99, On clearance $7.50, coupon $2.00 = $5.50)

FREE Colgate toothpaste at Lowes Foods: Some toothpaste is on sale for $1. With a $.50-cent coupon that doubles, you get it for FREE.

Remember, please be responsible and ethical when it comes to clipping and using coupons.  No dumpster diving, no tampering with coupons, no copying coupons, etc.  We are excited about savings but we want to do it right!

And, another disclaimer—we share these deals with the best intentions, but if you notice something that is wrong or shows up differently at your store, let us know!

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