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MTYT: A look into Titan cement facilities

This week, our news team took an in depth look at the Titan cement facilities not far from Roanoke, Virginia.

We've heard from some of you with mixed emotions.  Some have been upset at what they call a pro-Titan story.  Others have complimented us for presenting the in-depth coverage and our attempts to show what's really going on beyond the typical PR spin. 

I will tell you that our people went into this story with an open mind.  They take their obligation as community watchdogs seriously and you were going to get the real story no matter how good or how bad Titan looked.

You might recall, we went to this same plant back in 2008 when the Titan discussions started here.  People were generally favorable then, but a lot can change in four years.  So we went back.

Our folks spoke to citizens, politicians, business people and the plant operators themselves.  They went in depth.  They looked for weeks for someone in that area who opposed the plant.  There wasn't one to be found.  Nobody came forward.  And I think that's the most telling part of the Titan story.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Great story and well said. Just saw your clip on the news. I moved here several years ago from Ahoskie, where a steel plant located (10 miles from Ahoskie on the Chowan river.) There was a great deal of "Titan-type" controversy at the time. Nucor Steel came into the community and, I believe, made the environment cleaner than ever.


First of all , did anybody take soil or water samples , or an air quality test ?? or possibly check Medical records of reoccurring ailments over the past several yrs . Did those people on the news clip that where interviewed employed by Titan and feared of loosing they're job if spoke negative / honestly about the company . Or where these people pre selected by Titan and paid.

Have we checked with the people in Texas to see what they are saying about Titan ??? Lets get all the facts before putting information this misleading on the air . These people weren't even qualified to make any realistic judgement on any of these issue , do you expect the citizens on NHC to make a decision on that interview , its a bit misleading to say the least

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