Anglers from NC appear on reality fishing show "Bass 2 Billfish"

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – A couple of North Carolinians had the chance to appear on a national reality fishing show.

The show is called Bass 2 Billfish, but it isn't your typical fishing show.  That's fitting because Andy Holland isn't your typical angler.

"I am the bass master," Andy shouted in our interview.

Andy has Down syndrome and also lives with type 1 diabetes, but very few things can slow him down.  In fact, he's busy living between Charlotte and Wilmington, and spends a lot of free time flirting with girls and going fishing.  He's funny, caring and ornery, and that's probably what made him a perfect fit for a reality TV show.

Sande Kirby is a family friend living in the Wilmington area, and she put together an audition video with Andy in hopes of getting on the Bass 2 Billfish show.  Peter Miller, the host, called them almost immediately.

"From the day we first met Andy, it was like best friends," said Miller.  "You know, we think about him every day."

Sande and Andy have jokingly called themselves Team Calamity for years.  They've been fishing buddies ever since Andy was a little boy and would fish around the Wilmington area.  The chance for them to be on Miller's reality show in Florida was a dream come true.

"He caught the first bass, caught the first trout and he caught the first redfish," said Miller. "And you know, thanks to Andy and Sande, they provided dinner for myself and the crew.  It was just unbelievable."

In Andy's episode, you hear him shout out, "I caught supper tonight!"  When we asked him how he did it, he joking replied, "Magic hands."

He certainly has a whopper of a fish tale to tell.

"I told him he might be a star," laughed Sandy.  Without missing a beat, Andy responded with, "Already am!"

Bass 2 Billfish airs on NBC Sports.

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