Mayor Saffo: Wilmington is a "Smart City"

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Wilmington was one of the first cities to go digital and now it's become the nation's first FCC-Approved Smart County using TV White Spaces Thursday.

White Space is considered "Super Wi-Fi" and operates three to five times stronger than an ordinary wireless connection.  So, if you're at home with a computer, laptop, tablet or game system your connection should be quicker.

White Space fills the old analog spectrum that's not longer use since the big switch to digital.  Local governments can use that space for security cameras in parks, connect teachers in different schools, or even provide doctors with a way to make a digital diagnosis.  All those things can be accomplished without constructing new cables and land lines for connection.

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Mayor Bill Saffo calls Wilmington a "Smart City" as it becomes a test market for all things White Space.

"I see a litany of different companies and applications being created in this country and it's all about jobs, and this will help create jobs in the 21st century, which is great for new technology," said Saffo.

Several tech companies were at Thursday's announcement, so those new jobs could be here sooner than expected.  In fact, Spectrum Bridge has already brought a portion of White Space.

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