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MTYT: Evangelous defines downtown Wilmington

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As it stands now, the word "downtown" is somewhat ubiquitous for the city of Wilmington.

Everyone seems to have a different definition of the area.  That's why I'm pleased that Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous stood up this week and laid out the designation of "downtown" as Castle Street to the Isabel Holmes Bridge and Fifth Avenue to the River.

I'm fine with that.  It seems a fair description, and it helps our news department when they need to relay to our viewers where something in the news is, or has taken place.  I think it'll also help brand downtown.

But part of what Chief Evangelous said this week bugs me.  In this same talk he also seized the opportunity to blame the media for the perception that downtown is dangerous.

The fact is crime does happen in our downtown.  I personally don't feel unsafe when I'm downtown.  But, it's convenient, and frankly too easy, for public figures like Evangelous to blame the media in situations like this.   

Some people blame law enforcement when there's violence.  And I'm not buying that either.  Both of these characterizations are wrong and we need to focus on solutions instead of placing blame. 

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I have worked in the bar and rest business in downtown wilm for several years. The solution is a serious crackdown by police. it  is human nature to get away with as much as you can. and the police do not issue enough citations for drunk and disruptive, Public Urination  ect 

 If downtown is so bad and there are all these police  where are all the citations  ??  


Yes sir I couldnt agree with you more the police a doing the best they can an if there is anything I can do to help them id like to know what it is. I dont spend much time down town anymore but when I do I appreciate the feeling of security the Wilmington police have worked so hard to give there visitors.


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