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Man creates custom tricycles for children with disabilities

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Many people remember riding a bike as a child, but for some, biking isn't always an option – and one local man is trying to provide a unique new way for disabled children to feel the wind in their hair and create long-lasting memories.

Christian Prince thinks big when it comes to wheels. He is the president and creator of Strong Arm Tricycles, which are one of a kind.

The tricycles are handlebar powered and give those who don't have the ability to use their legs or lower body the chance to experience their childhood at its best.

"I come from a background of building real motorcycles, so I kind of rolled that over into something where it would be more worth it making for kids," said Prince.

All a rider has to do for a joyride is simply strip in his or her feet, and let their arms do the work.

The custom-made cruisers are prized possessions among children with limited physical abilities, which is the main reason Prince began creating them.

"I [saw] that there was a void there for children that can't [ride regular bikes], so that's where we stepped in there and tried to go over the mark and make something really cool," said Prince.

The tricycles run at about $1,500 and usually take a few weeks to build, but Prince is hopeful the community will step in to help make one child's smile go on for miles.

Prince has taken his tricycle creation to numerous schools in the area to test it out and is currently making custom bikes for girls and boys.

If you'd like to donate or help purchase a tricycle for a disabled child, Prince can be contacted at 910-431-8876.

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