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Your Turn: Thoughts on the primary election process

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By: Bob Montequin 

We heard from Gary McNair on this program a few weeks ago as he explained his concerns with our current primary election process.  As he pointed out, with the extended primaries, some candidates are eliminated before many states even get a chance to vote.  And many of us don't even get a chance to vote for the candidate of our choice.  He suggested we have one primary election date, and the candidate who gets the most votes or delegates, becomes that party's nominee.

That works for me.  But I would expand on that recommendation and change the election laws to put limits on the entire campaign season.  As it now stands, some candidates have been running for election well over a year and need to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to stay in the race.  My idea would be prohibit campaigning and fundraising until May 1 of the election year.  All primary elections would be held on the same date in August, and the general election would be held in November.

With this condensed campaign process, fundraising becomes less of a political game-changer.  Instead of perpetual fundraising, incumbents would have more time to do the job we elected them to do.  Challengers would have time to focus on their message and policies, and not be traveling to every state and county, trying to raise money.

We the voters would also benefit from this process by not enduring recorded phone calls, political pundit opinions, and endless debates.

That's my turn.

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