Shell: 'County remains uninvolved with bringing baseball to Wilmington'

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – New Hanover County Manager Bruce Shell says the county remains uninvolved with bringing baseball to Wilmington, despite remarks made by County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield Wednesday night.

Barfield said he didn't think any doors were closed in regard to the sport.  But, according to Shell, the City of Wilmington is still the driving force behind the project.

"We've talked about many scenarios where the county can still be involved," said Barfield Wednesday night.  "I've said all along baseball on the river could be such a great economic boost for the city, and to me it's all about economic development.  I think the city is close to making something happen, and I think that's great."

Shell agreed that the county may not be involved in the process, but county leaders are still open to the idea of considering proposals from the city.  According to Shell, commissioners don't want to ignore an opportunity for economic development, like baseball.

Just a few weeks ago, Barfield indicated the county was "done with baseball" due to a dispute over an apartment complex.

According to a spokesperson from Wilmington, the City Manager does not have anything on his calendar about baseball updates at this time.

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