CHAT at 6:30: How far have we come because of the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) – We're talking about the big news of the day and the big talkers.  The big story nationwide is remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

How do you remember his legacy?  Did you get out to one of the events today in your community?  How far do you think we've come as a nation in terms of equal rights and civil rights?  Have we achieved "the dream"?

It may be MLK day, but it's also Blue Monday.  What is that?  It's been given the title because of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and the arrival of those bills for the shopping trips we took during Christmas.

What do you think?  Do you feel blue today?  What do you do to "cure" the blues?

We hope you join us for the chat at 6:30.

*The chat is a livestream of a behind-the-scenes look at the newscast.  It gives you an opportunity to ask questions about big stories, ask random questions and see the newsteam in a more candid light.  It's meant to be upbeat and fun, and any hate speech is not tolerated.

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