Encore Magazine suggests great things to do

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) – Coming off the holidays, Encore Magazine tells us about some things going this weekend and in the near future.

  • Aerial hammock classes at Urban Fitness on 1994 Eastwood Road in Wilmington.  Based on the style of Cirque du Soleil, aerial hammocks includes twists, turns, flips, and splits in the air while suspended in the air by pieces of fabric.  Classes are $25.
  • Live music at the satellite on Greenfield Street in Wilmington.  Sinful Savage Tigers will perform Friday at 9pm.  They are a string band with influences from bluegrass and British invasion such as The Who and The Kinks.  Admission is free.
  • The single Marine program in Jacksonville off of Camp Lejeune is asking people and schools to make Valentine's cards to send to marines on duty.  Send them to Onslow County Parks and Recreation department.  You have until January 20th to get them in.  No candy attached please.

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