Little person presents big message to elementary school students

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Standing at 4-foot-4, one 44-year-old man shared his experiences regarding bullying Friday afternoon with students to help prevent them from picking on others.

Chris Hollyfield travels around the southeast talking about dealing with bullies. He stopped to speak at Town Creek Elementary and signed autographs.

He says bullying comes in all shapes and sizes, and kids shouldn't pay attention to what others are saying about them.

"No matter what [bad things] anybody says about you, they're wrong," said Hollyfield. "When they have self-love for themselves, their respect factor is going to be greater versus if they didn't love themselves."

Hollyfield's team started, The 3D T.E.A.M. Foundation, Inc. began traveling in 2000 to help teach kids about the effects that bullying can have.

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