Restraining order postpones DSS Board hearing to remove Warren

Commissioner Charles Warren
Commissioner Charles Warren

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Commissioners in Brunswick County were supposed to have a hearing next week to remove Commissioner Charles Warren from the DSS Board, but a court order will now prevent that from happening.

According to Warren's attorney Gary Shipman, Judge Jay Hockenberry awarded the commissioner a temporary restraining order to stop the hearing from taking place.

"…the defendants, and anyone acting in concert with the defendants, are enjoined and restrained the defendants from conducting any hearing to determine if plaintiff should be removed from his position on the DSS Board, pending further orders of this court," the restraining order reads.

The restraining order was issued Thursday evening and will expire January 30, unless extended by the court.

Warren is claiming through legal filings the board does not have the legal authority to remove him from the DSS board.

This move stems from actions Warren took during a board meeting in December.  The commissioner kicked out and tried to suspend one of his colleagues, Patricia Sykes, because she tried to add an agenda item to the meeting.  Warren said she was out of order.

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