Brunswick Co. schools could ask the state to start the year earlier

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – The Brunswick County School Board is expected to discuss the school year calendar during their meeting Tuesday night.

Every year brings a new set of challenges to anyone who has to make a calendar.  It can be difficult to make everything fit since holidays fall on different days each year.  Factoring in several state laws regulating when you can do things can make it even harder.

In an effort to make creating the calendar a little easier, the school district is considering to ask state lawmakers to start the school year a little earlier.

Right now, North Carolina state law says schools can't start their year before August 25 and there are rules about the number of holidays, teacher workdays and how many days students need to be in the classroom.

"Last year, in the 2011 budget, they approved five additional student school days from 180 to 185," explained district spokesperson Jessica Swencki.

All the restrictions make it extremely difficult for the district calendar committee to do their job, so they're asking the state government for a little help.

Swencki said it's not a big change.  They're asking to start the school year five days earlier on August 22 instead of the 27.

"By doing that, it actually allows some flexibility within the traditional calendar," said Swencki.

The Board of Education met Tuesday night to discuss the proposed calendar change.  At that time they opted to postpone approval of the 2012-13 calendar pending further discussion.

Swencki said the board hopes to take action by the March meeting.

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