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MTYT: Finding the best person to lead our country

Ready or not, here we go.  It's another presidential election year.

The primaries are underway.  Iowa takes its turn this week.  New Hampshire is on deck.  Then South Carolina and Florida come up to bat.

When's it our turn?  Not until May.  And every time one of these primaries rolls around, I start thinking about how much I don't like the current system.

I'm beginning to think that to truly get a representative candidate for each party, we have to consider a nationwide primary.  That way, candidates will have to pay attention to all 50 states.

I know this year Republicans are using the proportional delegate system to decide its candidate.  But even with that, I doubt by the time the candidates turn their attention to the Tar Heel state, our vote will even count.

The way it is now, a candidate has to win one of the first four states to even remain competitive.   And if your values don't align with the citizens of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina or Florida, then you're probably out of luck.

There's got to be a better way to find the best person to lead our country.

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

Emailed comments from viewers:

I just listened to your installment of "My turn, Your turn," regarding the flawed primary system with which we find ourselves.  I think your idea of a National primary is a good one ~ haven't thought it through enough to think of all the drawbacks.  I suspect there are some or we would have such a system.  What I really want to address is North Carolina's lousy positioning, not having the primary election until May, when many have already dropped out or have been removed by other voters. 

If my memory serves me correctly, your North Carolina voter status isn't all that long.  I think you came from Virginia.  Anyway,  back some years ago, North Carolina was given the option to become one of the states in the Super Tuesday Primary, which would have made North Carolina a much bigger player.  I don't remember the details but, the decision was made by the "powers that be" that North Carolina needed its own primary.  Who can be blame for not having a say?  I


You made a great point recently about primary elections.  I agree we should have one-day national primary elections and the person who gets the most votes would be the candidate, then everyone's vote counts.  But I would suggest we go one step further and limit the campaign season, so we don't go for years with robo calls and talking heads in the media.  I would limit the campaign season (and fund raising) as follows.  No fund raising and political ads until May 1st, primary elections in August, and general elections in November.  If you look at elections in other countries, their process is much quicker and less drawn out than ours.  These long campaign seasons require a lot of money and therefore a lot of fund raising.  The 2012 presidential race will probably spend more than a billion dollars.  You have to kiss a lot of babies (and other things) to get those kind of bucks and that's a lot of people you owe favors to.  We already have the best politicians that money can buy and we can't afford them anymore.  That's my turn.

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