CHAT at 6:30! Using SABLE to search for peeping Tom

WILMINGTON, NC (WSFX) – We're talking about the big news of the day and the big talkers.

Now that we're into 2012, what kind of resolutions have you made? Most people do "losing weight", "exercise more" or "get finances in order" promises.

It's going to be really cold tonight, mid-20s along the coast and possibly into the teens inland. Coldest night of the season so far, so make sure you're ready.

Police in Wilmington are using the SABLE helicopter in the search for a peeping Tom.  Thorough police work or questionable use of resources? We can talk about that tonight as well.


We hope you join us for the chat at 6:30!

*The chat is a live stream of a behind-the-scenes look at the newscast.  It gives you an opportunity to ask questions about big stories, ask random questions and see the news team in a more candid light.  It's meant to be upbeat and fun, and any hate speech is not tolerated.

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