Year in review: Top videos of 2011

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – As a television station, WECT is in the business to shoot video to tell viewers a story about things going on in the community.  But now, with evolving technology, the viewers can shoot video to tell their stories as well.

The year is coming to an end and we wanted to check out which videos viewers found most interesting or entertaining on  In the top ten most viewed videos, half of them were submitted by viewers like you.

Below is a list of the top ten videos viewed on, you can watch them online.

10 – RAW: Funnel cloud spotted Monday (Source: Roy Turner)
A viewer braved stormy weather to capture a funnel cloud just north of the Snow's Cut Bridge, about three miles north of Carolina Beach, moving south at 20 mph in August.

9 – RAW: Surveillance video of man accused of breaking and entering
A homeowner in Topsail Beach installed a surveillance system just in time to catch a man on camera who was trying to break into their home.  They handing the video over to the police, who sent it to us in an effort of identifying the thief.

8 – Local preacher confesses to sex offense charges, state says
According to the state, 54-year-old Thomas Archie Wiggins made a confession regarding several sex charges that allegedly took place in 1998.

7 – What is causing the 'booms'?
That's a question that we hear all the time in the newsroom, but there really isn't a solid answer.  First Alert Meteorologist Colin Hackman did some digging and found some theories to the source of the 'booms.'

6 – RAW: Dash cam video of man high on the "love boat"
WECT gathered information on an open investigation at the WPD involving a man who used the "love boat" drug and beat in the windows of an elderly woman's car this past March. Officers responded to a 911 call where the caller described the man, saying he was running around Burnett Boulevard completely naked.

5- Operation Frost Bite: Deputies crack down on illegal prescription drug use
Columbus County ranks third in the state for the distribution of prescription pills, according to the sheriff's office. In an effort to cut down on the illegal drug use, deputies conducted Operation Frost Bite early one morning in December.

4 – RAW: Rain band his the area (viewer submitted via See it, Snap it, Send it)
An anonymous viewer sent in raw video of a rain band that hit the Wilmington area on a Friday afternoon in August, just before Hurricane Irene.

3 – Man wears dress in restaurant; kicked out
A man in Wallace was kicked out of a Pizza Hut in Wallace in July after deciding to wear a dress to pick up his food.  A spokesperson for Pizza Hut said he was turned away for being disruptive.

2 – CAUGHT ON TAPE: Girl fight in Whiteville Plaza parking lot
An anonymous viewer mailed a video of two under aged girls in Columbus County fighting in a parking lot to the newsroom.  The video shows two teenagers fighting while several people are standing around watching.  One of the mothers of a girl involved was arrested and lost her job for encouraging the girls to fight.

1 – Great White Shark spotted on Wrightsville Beach
Matt Garrett, who was visiting from Boston with some friends, was on a routine fishing trip just 25 miles from the coast of Wrightsville Beach when they spotted a Great White Shark.  They captured video of the shark and shared it with us in the newsroom.

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