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MTYT: New Year's resolutions

Last year at this time, I resolved that you'd see "less" of me in 2011.

And you know what, I kept my promise.  Thanks to some very thought-provoking guest commentators, we had a variety of opinions to share on the My Turn/Your Turn segment this year.

But my ability to keep a New Year's resolution is unusual.  Not just for me, but for everybody.

The overwhelming majority of us who actually make resolutions will fail to keep them for a year.  In fact, most will break them by January's end.

But I don't think it should dissuade us from trying.

There's something cleansing about the turn of the year.  It's a fresh start.  It is our annual opportunity to start from square one. 

A lot of people like to set personal goals.  Lose weight.  Gossip less.  Exercise more.

I encourage you to give it a shot, and who knows, maybe this time next year you can join me in celebrating a resolution fulfilled!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Happy New Year!

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  Share some of your New Year's resolutions by emailing me at


Emailed comments from viewers:

I hadn't planned a resolution for the new year, but after much thought I changed my mind. My resolution for this year is to continue my weight loss journey. I joined our local gym almost 3 years ago in an attempt to loose weight and I've come a long way by dropping 25 pounds. I plan to continue eating healthy throughout the new year and keep encouraging my children's healthy habits as well. I hope all the people who make resolutions this year will have the willpower and motivation to follow through with their changes far past the end of January.

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