Commissioners to discuss updated bid for hospital property

Brunswick Community Hospital
Brunswick Community Hospital

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) – Commissioners in Brunswick County will discuss an updated bid for the purchase of the former Brunswick Community Hospital property.

Earlier this year, commissioners asked for bids on the 32-acre property and received only one bid of $500,000 from Crown Management, which was far less than the $2.5 million they were seeking.

Crown Management has since submitted a revised proposal for the board to consider. During the Commissioners regular meeting they will look at the new offer from the management group which would increase their bid to $1.5 million, including $75,000 up front.

If accepted, Crown Management has proposed using the building to operate a mental health care hospital or a psychiatric resident treatment facility. The two owners of Crown say they have over 50 years of experience in the operation of treatment facilities in North Carolina.

In a letter sent to county commissioners, Crown says they hope this project will create more than 80 jobs and provide crucial mental health services to the county's population.

If commissioners approve the newest bid they would begin an upset bid process meaning Crowns offer would be advertised in local media allowing anyone within ten days to raise they bid.

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