What's Going Around?: everything but the flu

WILMINGTON,NC(WECT)-The doctors at Carolina Pediatrics in Wilmington are treating lots of colds, coughs, ear infections, sore throats and a little bit of strep. Lots of bronchiolitis and wheezing in babies.

Bronchiolitis is an infection of the bronchioles or small air passages in the lungs.  The symptoms include runny nose, cough, and fever. After a few days, your child may experience shortness of breath and/or breathing that is rapid and labored with wheezing.

Dr. David Hill of Cape Fear Pediatrics is seeing the same thing. He calls bronchiolitis the wheezing bug and wants to remind parents that if your child is having a hard time breathing or is wheezing that is not normal and you should take your child to see a doctor.

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