Secret Santa pays off more than $200 layaway bill

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Imagine getting all your Christmas gifts you've been saving all for all year for free. That's what happened to one lucky woman when she went to Kmart Saturday to pick up some gifts on layaway.

"I'm just shocked and why he chose me, I don't know," Donna Norris said.

She said a man paid for her more than 200 dollar layaway bill when she was waiting in line to pay it off at Kmart.

"All of a sudden there was kind of a secret code between the cashier and this gentleman and he turns around and looks at me and says we're going to take care of your layaway," she said.

Now it's not going to be as hard for her to pay for her daughters' Christmas. The past few years haven't been too easy on Norris and her family. Both she and her husband lost their jobs when the economy tanked. But, she's got a job now and says she just can't put it to words how thankful she is for the secret Santa.

"Oh God, I just blessed him and blessed him and thank you for blessing my family and for Christmas and if you're out there thank you so much," she said with tears in her eyes.

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