Berger continues feud with commissioners via email

Commissioner Brian Berger
Commissioner Brian Berger

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – The feud between New Hanover County commissioners and Brian Berger continued Friday morning via email.  This banter comes a day after commissioners suggested Berger be removed from all committees.

Berger sent fellow commissioner Rick Catlin an email at 5:00 Friday morning saying he knows who stole his notes and tried to "leak" them to the press.

Berger went on to say, "I know who's been ringleader pulling strings trying to get me to resign."

The sheriff's office investigated allegations in June made by Berger claiming a county employee leaked his personal information regarding unemployment benefits.  The investigation was cleared because of insufficient evidence to hold charges against anyone.

In the email Friday, Berger went on to tell Catlin he will now be able to attend "every campaign event to hand out information and ask question and talk to people so they know the truth about the candidates asking for and buying citizens votes."

Catlin replied to Berger's email denying any involvement with the theft of Berger's notes.  He went on to say that Berger's allegations of corrupt judges are not helpful and that he should consider a public retraction before his next court date.

Catlin ended his email by saying "Writing threatening emails at 5:00am has never proven to be a good idea for you. I hope you didn't mean all the things you said. I truly have no ill wishes for you. Please get some sleep."

Commissioners will have an official vote during the meeting Monday to remove Berger from community committees he is involved with.

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